Walking Dead Beta

Becoming a Survivor...
Wherein Survivors face the world, and it's new reality.

Day 1
She wakes, disoriented and groggy. Finding her arms loosely strapped to the bed she is in, she takes a breath and looks around more carefully. Still groggy, she tries to remember… the car… crashed… flipped over… she had blacked out. Noticing the neatness of the room, and the smell of antiseptic and something…off in the air, she realizes she is in a hospital. Of course, but where is everyone? The straps are not very tight, she finds as she tugs on them. In her struggles she knocks over the bedside flowers.
Struggling to free herself, she barely notices a face watching her above the counter of the nurses station outside her room. Through the slim pane of glass in her door, she sees… what? no…it looked like the nurse looking blankly at her was chewing the security guys face! She turns away in shock, turning back to the straps on the bed again. Struggling a little harder now, she frees herself just in time it seems, as now she can now hear sustained scraping and thumping noises coming from outside her hospital room door. Through the window of the door, she sees the nurse ..no legs…where are her legs?! begin to beat her broken arm and hand against the door. The door rattles but holds…she groans in rage and hits it again, harder, then again.. the door shudders but holds; but for how long?
“Oh crap” she thinks to herself…taking a quick look around the room, she realizes she is trapped in here. The ‘nurse’ is blocking her only door, and the windows are double paned security glass. Don’t even open, dammit! “There has to be a way…” she muses. A cold breeze caresses her shoulders, causing her to shiver, then suddenly look up. Of course, the air vents!
Jumping down from the bed, she grabs the only heavy weapon-like object she can find, the upper half of the IV drip hanger, and then scrambles back onto the bed. Reaching up, she is able to just reach the vent from the bed. She pushes the cover aside and climbs up and into the cool darkness within. With one last look out the windows of her room to orient herself in the vent, she crawls deeper into the shadows.

Inside the vents, she finds dust and cobwebs… “must not have been any power for a while”, she thinks to herself, sliding her way deeper into the hospital. Passing one of the few vent covers, she stops to peer carefully into the room below. Just another room. No lock. Further down the vent she comes to another cover, this one with some light coming from it. She moves to it. Peering into the room below, she can see part of the window and lockers lining the opposite wall to the left of the the door to the room…“Great, there is a lock!”, she says to herself, thinking of the room she had just vacated. Opening the vent takes only a swift shove, causing it to swing outward and away. Scrunching herself around, she dangles out of the vent, dropping carefully to the ground below. Quickly moving to the door, she throws the lock with a satisfying click. With the door locked, she calms, taking a moment to glance out the window… outside, cars have been abandoned, left wherever they were, parked all over the lot below, and even some turned over and burnt. A number of bodies are barely visible, distance making them only vague shapes in the distance. Searching the lockers, some of which need more force than others (clang, ting), she finds a lighter, barely half full; a small caliber handgun, loaded thankfully, even though its only a 22; a backpack and some water, and a small bottle of hairspray. She turns, a noise alerting her to the presence of someone…or something, outside the door. The handle rattles, again…then silence. She strains, trying to calm her heart and listen with all her might…nothing. Waiting for a few more heartbeats, she is rewarded by the sounds of shuffling coming from outside the door…“Phew!”, she thinks…“I’ve so gotta get out of here!”

A plan is born. After carefully and quietly unlocking the door and clambering onto the lockers beside the door, she readies the hairspray and the lighter. Leaning down, she uses the drip-hanger to pop the door slightly, then quickly throwing it across the room at the other lockers there,BANG.
Waiting only a moment, she snatches up the lighter and hairspray, waiting for….“yes!” she exclaims, watching as a Walker enters the room quickly, moving straight toward the noise she had made. Dropping down from her perch, she quickly moves behind the Walker, spraying and igniting the hairspray as she approaches. It immediately bursts into flame, almost instantly consumed by the fire. Emerging from the room, she spots a bunch of Walkers emerging from the rooms further down the hallway, in the direction of her room and all her stuff, and, in the other direction, an exit. Only one Walker stands between her and the exit. With one final look at the emerging horde of Walkers, and the room with her stuff in it,she turns and levels the 22 at the lone Walker… pop, she wings it. Moving closer, she steadies her hand and takes more careful aim…pop, its head spurts brain and blood on the wall behind, falling in a heap at her feat.
Hopping over the corpse, she bolts for the exit and sunlight…

My dad told me to stay in the truck…he was pretty mean about it, I thought…but then it’s getting dark, he’s been gone forever… Through the window, I see a flash of movement near the back of the store…and at the end of the block I see..it looks like two very sick people, shambling towards me…they saw me! Now they are moving faster, moaning, reaching for me…Holy crud! that one has a hole on his belly! Oh no! I quickly wind up the windows on the truck doors, just as one reaches for me and hits the glass..it goes crazy, slamming its fists into the glass. The other one is on the other side now, battering the window there too…I look around for a weapon…of course! Dad has a gun in the glove-box…he doesn’t think I know, but I’ve seen it in there… I grab it just in time as the things outside finally smash through the windows beside me…
Thinking quick, I squeeze out the back window of the truck, hopping over the hood and down in front of the truck…in my scramble, I lose, the gun though…darn! no time now as the things move in, forcing me toward the store entrance…I run in and turn to close the door, slamming home the deadbolt.. Crash! as they hit the reinforced glass door again and again…I dart deeper into the store, looking for anything that might be useful, keeping my eye out for any sign of my Dad…
After more than an hour of scrounging in the dim interior of the store, I have found a bunch of cool stuff, and my Dad’s cel…look’s like he had called the cops…no answer, still ringing, even…that’s wierd, why wouldn’t the cops answer an emergency? That must be what Dad meant about it being more dangerous since mom left…the cops must be really busy with all the other dangerous people…hope Dads ok… thud scrape Thud thud comes from the back room, through the swinging grocery doors in the back wall…I hope that’s my Dad…I slowly move the one door out of the way, sliding my head around until I can see the source of the noises..Holy Crap! its a huge hog, missing one whole side, like a slab of meat, but impossibly still alive, hung from a rafter and scraping and thumping with its one remaining foot, causing the noises..
tinkle, tinkle
The store front windows smash in…


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