Nikki The Sheriffs Deputy

A lone cop, thrust into a lawless world of danger and infection...


Played by my wife, Nadine.
Phys.Desc.: 5ft 5 inches tall, tanned and athletic 27 year old Native American woman, long dark brown hair and silver-grey eyes. Full-blooded Cowessess Indian.

Max Life: 76 Movement: (fast) run:60 walk:20 loaded:6
I See You!3 +30% to notice, never surprised.
Medium Weaponry1 +10% with medium sized one-handed weapons and large caliber small-arms.
Like Lightning2 Act first, even if surprised.
Hard To Kill1 +10 Life, & +12 hours if Infected.


After crashing her patrol car, she wakes briefly and watches a pair of ambulance attendants each get bitten by Walkers, then one gets literally ripped apart in front of her, the other guy running off and drawing the pair of ‘Walkers’ with him.
Passing out and waking in the local Hospital, she finds herself alone, except for the ever-present Walkers…

Nikki The Sheriffs Deputy

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