Max The Kid

A young boy, alone in a harsh world. Losing his father to the Walkers has made him stronger...he hopes.


Played by my 8-yr old son, Rhys.
Phys.Desc.: 4 1/2 ft tall, slightly tanned and chubby 13 year old boy, short black hair, brown eyes. Half Australian, Half French-Canadian.

Base Life:33 Movement: (slow) run:30 walk:10 loaded:3
Sneak3 +30% to sneaky stuff.
Lucky Blighter2 Avoid death once per episode.
Gun Smith1 +10% to repair and make firearms.
Sugar Rush3 +30ft dash, 3 minute duration.
Light Weaponry1 +10% with small, one handed weapons and small caliber firearms.


My Dad and I have lived out here, in this crappy, tiny little town, ever since Mom left us. Dad says that she left to join the circus, but who does that? Doesn’t she love us? Dad says she does, that she had no choice, but…I dunno, I still wish she would come back, one day.
When we first moved here, we had TV and I could go to the park or whatever; after a while, Dad made me stay inside, and then he even started to keep the blinds closed, with strict orders to ‘never open them’. Right around then, come to think of it, we lost the TV signal and then the power too! My Dad went out, alone, to get more shopping once, but that was more than three weeks ago…he says we both need to go out to get ‘more beer and stuff’, but I don’t want to! I told him that I didn’t want to, and he got really mad! He said that he couldn’t make sure I was safe if I stayed home, and that I had to come. So, I guess I gotta, right? It’s weird though…he never made me go before… And what does he mean about making sure I’m safe?

Max The Kid

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